Software Update History (Changelog)

iPhemeris Astrology App for iPhone and Mac OSX

By Clifford Ribaudo
iPhemeris ® © 2008-2018 Clifford Ribaudo. All rights reserved.

10.8 Released June 6, 2018

Added: Additional time steps: 10, 50, 100 & 500 years.
Added: Enter and Display 24 hr time for Astrological charts.
Added: Declination / Latitude view has its own set of displayed planet preferences.
Added: Separate preferences for planets on Astrological Wheels & Reports.
Improved: For iPhone X and iOS 11.
Improved: Graphic Ephemeris sizing.
Improved: Houses Now.
Fixed: Not listing Jan 31, 2018 Eclipse.
Fixed: Various other minor issues.

10.5 Released Apr. 25, 2017

Added: French Wheel style
Added: Option show Cusp labels or not.
Added: Dignities, Elements and Cardinality to reports.
Added: In-App purchase to extend Ephemeris to 5000 years (2500 BC to 2500 AD) and get 4 additional asteroids.
Added: In-App purchase to get only the 4 additional asteroids: Hygiea, Astraea, Eris, Sedna.
Improved: iCloud data syncing. Stability improvements via Cloudkit.
Improved: User Interface elements.
Fixed: Various minor issues fixed.
Fixed: Manual latitude/longitude picker for small devices.

10.4 Released Dec. 16, 2016

Added: Aspects Decile (36°), Septile (51.4°), TreDecile (108°), QuinDecile (165°)
Improved: Fractional Orbs are now allowed.
Improved: iCloud data syncing. Stability improvements via Cloudkit.
Fixed: Jumping to date in Ephemeris tables.
Fixed: Location lookup for devices in China.

10.1 Released Apr. 17, 2016

New: Tri-Wheel.
New: Lunar Return.
New: Improved Eclipse tables.
New: Tri-wheel option - 2 Chart +Now.
Improved: Dotted lines for secondary aspects.
Improved: Improved display of points on wheel.
Fixed: Ayanamsa settings crash.
Fixed: Kuala Lumpur TimeZone issue.
Fixed: Time-stepping progressed charts.
Fixed: Small screen wheel display (iPhone 4).

10.0 Released Mar. 9, 2016

New: Tri-Wheel.
New: Mid-Point Reports.
New: Void of Course Moon tables.
New: Aries 0 House System.
New: Print Options.
Improved: Printing.
Improved: Time step Progressed charts.
Improved: For large text users.
Fixed: Various minor issues.

v9.8.4 Released Dec. 8, 2015

Fixed: Issue with time stepping charts.
Fixed: Chart Detail layout issues on iOS 9.

v9.8 Released Dec. 4, 2015

New: Descendant & Vertex points.
New: Russian language menus.
Fixed: Intermittent issue with manual time zone entry.

v9.7 Released Sept. 1, 2015

New: Report listing all points on charts, includes House and Declination.
New: Settings for toggling things on/off on the astrology chart wheels.
New: Toggle display of aspects on the wheel.
New: Toggle display of astrological House numbers.
New: Toggle display of astrological decanates.
New: Toggle display of Mc, Asc, Ic when they are same as the house cusps.
New: Sky Now got it's own Orb settings.
New: Sky Now chart wheel can be time stepped.
New: Added 2 more house systems: Alcabitious & Vedic.
Improved: Chart display has bigger fonts and better spacing.
Improved: Use a long press de-select all selected charts and select the pressed.
Fixed: iOS 8 chart sizing issue in landscape.

9.6 Released Feb. 28, 2015

New: Add notes to charts.
New: Alternate Part of Fortune calculation.
New: Bi-Quintile (144°).
Improved: Chart data entry.

9.5.1 Released Nov. 11, 2014

Improved: Sky Now updates every 5 seconds.
Improved: For iOS 8.
Improved: Ephemeris and Calendar font.
Fixed: iCloud and Chart List stability issues.

9.4 Released May 9, 2014

New: iCloud for saving and syncing Charts between devices.
New: Composite Charts (Mid-Point).
Improved: SkyNow gets its own Planet Preferences.
Improved: Added button to Show / Hide Rectification time step tool.

9.3 Released Jan. 22, 2014

New: Black Moon 'Lilith', added to ephemeris and charts.
Improved: Chart Sorting.
Improved: Houses Now.
Fixed: TimeZone Lookup.
Fixed: Solar Return where return date falls in next or previous month.

9.2 Released Nov. 19, 2013

New: Solar Return & Re-location charts.
New: 1 Year and 1 Month time steps added to rectification tool.
New: Copy/Duplicate chart button.
New: Novile 2 (80°) and Novile 4 (160°) aspects.
New: Chinese and Korean menus.
Improved: Rectification tool can independently step inner and outer charts on Bi-wheels.
Improved: Rectification tool remembers last time step.
Improved: Added information to data displayed on Charts and Aspect Grid.

9.1 Released Nov. 9, 2013

Resolved: Issues with chart data entry for Progressed and Relocated charts.

9.0 Released Nov. 5, 2013

New: Solar Return & Re-location charts.
New: 1 Year and 1 Month time steps added to rectification tool.
New: Copy/Duplicate chart button.
New: Novile 2 (80°) and Novile 4 (160°) aspects.
New: Chinese and Korean menus.
Improved: Rectification tool can independently step inner and outer charts on Bi-wheels.
Improved: Rectification tool remembers last time step.
Improved: Added information to data displayed on Charts and Aspect Grid.

8.6 Released Jul. 3, 2013

new: Added sharing to Ephemeris & Calendars
Resolved: Rounding issue when using wheels to enter location.
Resolved: Fix lunar position issue when close to Aries/Pisces cusp.

8.5 Released May 5, 2013

Resolved: Charts in list incorrectly showing as selected.

8.4 Released Apr. 23, 2013

New: Added Japanese language menus.
Resolved: Chart selection issue.

8.4 Released Apr. 23, 2013

New: Part of Fortune added.
Improved: Tap Ephemeris table rows to hi-light.
Improved: Additional points added to Transit Calendar: Asc, Mc, Ic, South Node, Part Of Fortune.
Resolved: Natal chart information on Transit Calendar was sometimes off by 12 hrs.

8.3 Released Apr. 9, 2013

Improved: Added gap to aspect lines drawn on charts so that aspect glyph is more legible.
Resolved: Incorrect month label on Ephemeris and Calendars when device is located in Time Zones East of GMT.

8.2 Released Mar. 29, 2013

Improved: Improved display of data on Transit and Aspect Calendars.
Resolved: Issue with display of Calendars when using Ephemeris based on time zones other than GMT.
Resolved: Issue where cancel button missing from print screen on iPad.

8.1 Released Mar. 6, 2013

Improved: Add indication of Retrograde to Aspect Grid & Calendars.
Resolved: Fix Sun & Moon showing retrograde indication.

8.0 Released Feb. 28, 2013

New: The Ephemeris was extended back 200 years to 1700 and now covers 1700-2100.
New: Rectification Tool: Step Horoscopes forward & back in real-time.
New: Backup and copy the entire chart database to other devices.
Improved: Novile (40°) and Sesqui-Square (135°) aspects added.
Improved: Mean Lunar Node added.
Improved: Sky Now settings for a fixed location and House System.
Improved: Local Mean Time calculator, useful for charts before 1900.
Improved: Manual entry of special TimeZone values to the minute.
Improved: House System included in information printed on charts.
Improved: Tab Bar hides on iPhone & iPod Touch when in Landscape mode.
Improved: Some Settings sections simplified and improved.
Improved: In App and online documentation revised & updated for current version.
Resolved: MC improperly progressed when using Solar Arc Longitude on an Equal House chart.
Resolved: Improper display of some TimeZones.

7.4 Released Sept 25, 2012

New: Send Charts to Twitter, Facebook, Camera Roll, via Email.
Improved: Support for iPhone 5 and iOS6.
Resolved: Crash on iOS 6 when using Go To Date on Ephemeris.
Resolved: Disappearing draw chart button on iOS 6.

7.3 Released Sept 10, 2012

New: Table of Moon Phases with Solar and Lunar Eclipses added to Ephemeris views.
Improved: Email support button.
Improved: German language support.
Resolved: Crashes when trying to draw Chart on iOS 4.x.
Resolved: Charts sometimes can't be un-checked.

7.2 Released Jul 3, 2012

Resolved: One aspect not displayed on Bi-wheel.
Resolved: Zero out seconds added by DatePicker to Natal charts which altered Sun, Moon & Asc.

7.1 Released Jun 18, 2012

Resolved: Issue with Progressed Chart default settings.

7.0 Released May 31, 2012

New: Added Progressed charts. Added goto "Now" button to Ephemeris & Calendars.
Improved: Many little cosmetic things.

6.8 Released Apr 13, 2012

New: Custom Ayanamsa. Two Finger Swipe paging in Ephemeris & Calendars.

6.7 Released Mar 28, 2012

New: Added text report of all aspects to the Aspect Grid.
Resolved: TimeZone Lookup button.

6.6 Released Mar 17, 2012

New: Aspect Grid.
Resolved: Lat/Lng manual entry between 0 & 1 degree.

6.5 Released Jan 15, 2012

New: Chart location name (can be set by map lookup).
Improved: Nicer looking chart wheels.

6.4 Released Dec 7, 2011

New: Added options to turn on/off individual planets. Added Earth, IC & South Node points.

6.3 Released Nov 27, 2011

New: Added option to select planets and data shown on Ephemeris, Calendars and Charts.

6.2 Released Oct 29, 2011

New: Added capability to Email a chart.
Improved:Fixed some cosmetic issues.

6.1 Released Oct 20, 2011

Resolved: Fixed memory leaks created by 6.0

6.0 Released Oct 21, 2011

3.4 Released May. 29, 2018

Added: Option to always enter/display 24 hour time on Astrology Charts.
Added: Points shown on Chart Wheel and Reports can independently be turned on/off.
Added: Time Steps for 10, 50, 100 and 500 years.
Improved: SkyNow Time steps at 1 second intervals.
Improved: SkyNow has its own color setting.
Improved: Declination / Latitude Display has its own set of displayed point Preferences.
Fixed: Jan 31, 2018 Eclipse missing from eclipse tables.
Fixed: Minor chart wheel drawing issues if House numbers are not shown.
Fixed: Minor date Editor issues when setting 12:00-12:59 am/pm on the editor.

3.3 Released May. 15, 2017

Fixed: Hi-light bar on Ephemeris view displaying on wrong day.
Fixed: Crash on devices using Buddhist Calendar.

3.2 Released May 5, 2017

New: Added European wheel style (Label house cusps or not).
New: Preference to choose application language and override system settings.
Fixed: Improved date/time editor and prevent entry of invalid dates.

3.1.1 Released April, 17 2017

New: Table of Elements & Cardinality added to Reports.
New: Dignities & Rulerships added to Reports.
New: French horoscope wheel style.
Fixed: Extended ephemeris not being noticed.

3.0 Released March 21, 2017

Added: In-App Purchase to extend coverage to 5000 years (2500 BC to 2500 AD). Includes 4 additional asteroids: Hygiea, Astraea, Eris, Sedna.
Added: Option to use the esoteric symbol for Pluto.
Fixed: Time Zone lookup issues for some new charts.
Fixed: Various minor Graphic Ephemeris labeling issues.
Improved: Graphic Ephemeris remembers last date range for all features.
Improved: Graphic Ephemeris remembers last harmonic for all features.
Improved: Choose starting weekday for Astrology Calendars.

2.5 Released Dec. 16, 2016

Added: Aspects Decile (36°), Septile (51.4°), TreDecile (108°), QuinDecile (165°)
Improved: Fractional Orbs are now allowed.
Improved:  iCloud data syncing. Stability improvements via Cloudkit.
Fixed: Location lookup for devices in China.

2.3.3 Released July 9, 2016

Improved: Midpoints sorted by degree (sign).
Fixed: Various, minor Graphic Ephemeris issues.

2.3 Released on June 1, 2016

New: Graphic Ephemeris
Added: Composite +Now
Added: 7 Day Time Step
Fixed: Vtx, Dsc issue on Transit Calendar

2.2 Released on Mar. 30, 2016

New: Lunar Return.
New: Eclipse tables with more data.
Improved: 2 Charts +Now button for Tri-Wheel
Improved: Local Mean Time time zone for research.
Fixed: Kuala Lumpur Time Zone issue.
Fixed: Time-stepping Progressed charts.

2.1 Released on Mar. 1, 2016

New: Void of Course Moon.
New: Lunar Ingress Time and Last Aspect.
New: Printing Preferences.
Fixed: Various minor issues.

2.0 Released on Feb. 19, 2016

New: Display 3 Astrology charts on Tri-wheel.
New: Midpoint Reports.
New: Aries 0 House System.
New: Option to not display minutes on Astrology chart.
Improved: Progressed Horoscopes can be time stepped.
Fixed: Various minor issues.

1.5 Released On Nov 1, 2015

New: Vedic & Alcabitious House systems.
New: Descendant & Vertex points.
Improved: Added Printing for Sky Now.
Improved: Added Time Stepping to SkyNow.
Fixed: SkyNow location issue.
Fixed: Display of Chart type issue.
Fixed: Progress to date issue.

1.4.1 Released June 24, 2015

New: Report of points on Chart with Declination & House.
New: Toggle display of Houses on Chart Wheel.
New: Toggle display of Decanates on Chart Wheel.
New: Toggle display of Aspects on Chart Wheel.
Improved: Chart Wheel design.
Improved: Chart selection workflow

1.3 Released Mar. 17, 2015

New: Bi-Quintile (144°)
New: Improvements for 13" screens
New: iCloud Improvements

1.2.1 Released Jan. 16, 2015

New: Add Notes to charts.
New: Alternate Part of Fortune Calculation.
Improved: iCloud on iOS 8 and OSX 10.10 (Yosemite).

1.1 Released Dec. 1, 2014

Improved: Printing.
Improved: Adjust text size.
Improved: Support for more languages.
Improved: UI and Navigation on small screens.

1.0 Released Nov. 17, 2014

New: First release of iPhemeris for Mac OSX!!