iPhemeris Astrology App for iPhone, iPad & Mac OSX
Astrological Charting Software, Ephemeris & Calendars
One App Does It All • Tropical & Sidereal
For the years 1700 - 2100
By Clifford Ribaudo
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Astrology Software for iOS

iPhemeris is the Mobile Astrology Charting and Ephemeris App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. If you're a serious or professional Astrologer and need the best then this is the iPhone App you have been looking for.

iPhemeris was the first serious Astrologers App for iOS, and it has been continuously updated, supported and enhanced since its introduction in 2008. In addition to the full range of astrology charting tools, it also functions as a traditional tabular ephemeris which can be set to display as either a Tropical or Sidereal Ephemerides. Many Ayanamsa including custom (user defined) are supported in Sidereal mode.

Stop carrying all those books around and get iPhemeris for your iPhone, iPad & Mac!

iPhemeris Menus in: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean & Chinese


What's New in 9.6 - Released Feb. 28, 2015

Astrological Charting

  • Natal Charts.
  • Transit Charts.
  • Progressed Charts.
  • Solar Return Charts.
  • Re-location Charts.
  • Composite Charts (Mid-point).
  • Dual Charts (Bi-Wheel).
  • Aspect lines shown on charts.
  • Reports:
    • Aspect & Synastry Grid.
    • List of Aspects.
    • List of Chart Points with House and Declination.
  • Chart Notes - Write and store notes about each chart.
  • Rectification Tool: Step charts forward & back in time.
  • Select the Planets, Asteroids & Points displayed on Charts.
  • Share Charts via: Email, Facebook, Twitter and copy to the Photo Library or Clipboard.
  • House Systems: Placidus, Equal, Koch, Regiomantanus, Campanus, Meridian, Morinus, Porphyry, Topocentric, Whole
  • Part of Fortune: 2 styles - different for day and night births, or the same.
  • Sky Now - a continuosly updating chart (every 5 seconds) for any location.
  • Store hundreds of astrological charts.
  • Use iCloud to share and sync charts between all your devices & computers.
  • Set orbs for aspects individually or turn them off.
  • Aspects: 0°, 30°, 40°, 45°, 60°, 72°, 80°, 90°, 120°, 135°, 144°, 150°, 160°, 180°


  • Monthly tabular Ephemeris (Longitude) covering the years 1700-2100.
  • Monthly Declination and Latitude tables for the years 1700-2100.
  • The Ephemeris can display as a traditional Midnight or Noon GMT Ephemeris, or for any custom time and Time Zone.
  • Ephemerides displays either Tropical or Sidereal positions.
  • Major planets plus the asteroids: Chiron, Vesta, Pallas, Juno, Ceres, Cupido.
  • Sidereal mode supports 15 pre-defined Ayanamsa, or a custom one you define.
  • Moon Phase tables showing: date, time and sign of Moon and Sun.
  • Solar & Lunar Eclipse data included on Moon Phase tables.
  • Select the Planets, Asteroids & Points displayed on Ephemeris tables.
  • Sidereal Time for the Time and Time Zone the ephemeris is set to.
  • Two Moon columns: Moon at the Ephemeris time, and 12 hours later.
  • North Node (True & Mean).
  • Black Moon (Lilith)
  • Planetary directions.
  • Page back and forward by month.
  • Jump to any date between Jan. 1700 and Dec. 2099.

Astrological Calendars

  • Monthly Aspectarian showing daily aspects in the sky.
  • Monthly Transit calendar showing daily transits to any of your saved astrological charts.
  • Select the Planets, Asteroids & Points displayed.
  • Set the Orbs used.
  • Planetary directions.
  • Displays Tropical or Sideral, and uses selected Ayanamsa or custom value.
  • Page back and forward by month.
  • Jump to any date between Jan. 1700 and Dec. 2099.

Atlas & Time Zones

iPhemeris is a modern Astrological charting tool and uses Internet maps to let you quickly and easily find any location on earth.

  • Location: Scroll, pinch and zoom to find any place.
  • Location: Search for places or addresses.
  • Location: Maps and search in your language.
  • Location: Enter latitude and longitude manually.
  • Time Zone: Uses the International Time Zone database used by computers around the world.
  • Time Zone: Find Time Zones for any location and date.
  • Time Zone: Detects Daylight & Summer Time for chart location, date and time.
  • Time Zone: Manual entry.
  • Time Zone: Local Mean Time (LMT) Time Zones for researchers.

Other Features

  • iCloud - store, share and sync Charts between all your devices and computers.
  • Set orbs for aspects individually or turn them off wherever they are used.
  • Toggle individual planets, asteroids and other points wherever they are shown.
  • Select displayed precision for positions.
  • In App Documentation.
  • Color schemes for Ephemeris and Charts.
  • Customize the order of feature tabs.

Ephemeris For Vedic Astrologers

  • The Ephemeris can be put into Sidereal mode. ALL calculations and displays throughout the application display Sidereal positions.
  • When iPhemeris is in Sidereal mode the Ephemeris adjusts to the selected Ayanamsa. Currently 17 are provided:
    • D.K, Fagan Bradley, Lahiri, Krishnamurti
    • Galactic, Raman, Takra I, Takra II
    • Babylonian, Deluce, Larry Ely, Yukteshwar
    • Sassanian, Ushashashi, Hipparchus, Dhira, Krushna
  • iPhemeris supports user defined Ayanamsa. Provide your value for the year 1900 (Epoch) and iPhemeris will adjust for precession to the chart or ephemeris date.


iOS 7.1 or later
Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9 or later

Update History

9.5.1 Released Nov. 11, 2014

Improved: Sky Now updates every 5 seconds.
Improved: For iOS 8.
Improved: Ephemeris and Calendar font.
Fixed: iCloud and Chart List stability issues.

9.4 Released May 9, 2014

New: iCloud for saving and syncing Charts between devices.
New: Composite Charts (Mid-Point).
Improved: SkyNow gets its own Planet Preferences.
Improved: Added button to Show / Hide Rectification time step tool.

9.3 Released Jan. 22, 2014

New: Black Moon 'Lilith', added to ephemeris and charts.
Improved: Chart Sorting.
Improved: Houses Now.
Fixed: TimeZone Lookup.
Fixed: Solar Return where return date falls in next or previous month.

9.2 Released Nov. 19, 2013

New: Solar Return & Re-location charts.
New: 1 Year and 1 Month time steps added to rectification tool.
New: Copy/Duplicate chart button.
New: Novile 2 (80°) and Novile 4 (160°) aspects.
New: Chinese and Korean menus.
Improved: Rectification tool can independently step inner and outer charts on Bi-wheels.
Improved: Rectification tool remembers last time step.
Improved: Added information to data displayed on Charts and Aspect Grid.

9.1 Released Nov. 9, 2013

Resolved: Issues with chart data entry for Progressed and Relocated charts.

9.0 Released Nov. 5, 2013

New: Solar Return & Re-location charts.
New: 1 Year and 1 Month time steps added to rectification tool.
New: Copy/Duplicate chart button.
New: Novile 2 (80°) and Novile 4 (160°) aspects.
New: Chinese and Korean menus.
Improved: Rectification tool can independently step inner and outer charts on Bi-wheels.
Improved: Rectification tool remembers last time step.
Improved: Added information to data displayed on Charts and Aspect Grid.

8.6 Released Jul. 3, 2013

new: Added sharing to Ephemeris & Calendars
Resolved: Rounding issue when using wheels to enter location.
Resolved: Fix lunar position issue when close to Aries/Pisces cusp.

8.5 Released May 5, 2013

Resolved: Charts in list incorrectly showing as selected.

8.4 Released Apr. 23, 2013

New: Added Japanese language menus.
Resolved: Chart selection issue.

8.4 Released Apr. 23, 2013

New: Part of Fortune added.
Improved: Tap Ephemeris table rows to hi-light.
Improved: Additional points added to Transit Calendar: Asc, Mc, Ic, South Node, Part Of Fortune.
Resolved: Natal chart information on Transit Calendar was sometimes off by 12 hrs.

8.3 Released Apr. 9, 2013

Improved: Added gap to aspect lines drawn on charts so that aspect glyph is more legible.
Resolved: Incorrect month label on Ephemeris and Calendars when device is located in Time Zones East of GMT.

8.2 Released Mar. 29, 2013

Improved: Improved display of data on Transit and Aspect Calendars.
Resolved: Issue with display of Calendars when using Ephemeris based on time zones other than GMT.
Resolved: Issue where cancel button missing from print screen on iPad.

8.1 Released Mar. 6, 2013

Improved: Add indication of Retrograde to Aspect Grid & Calendars.
Resolved: Fix Sun & Moon showing retrograde indication.

8.0 Released Feb. 28, 2013

New: The Ephemeris was extended back 200 years to 1700 and now covers 1700-2100.
New: Rectification Tool: Step Horoscopes forward & back in real-time.
New: Backup and copy the entire chart database to other devices.
Improved: Novile (40°) and Sesqui-Square (135°) aspects added.
Improved: Mean Lunar Node added.
Improved: Sky Now settings for a fixed location and House System.
Improved: Local Mean Time calculator, useful for charts before 1900.
Improved: Manual entry of special TimeZone values to the minute.
Improved: House System included in information printed on charts.
Improved: Tab Bar hides on iPhone & iPod Touch when in Landscape mode.
Improved: Some Settings sections simplified and improved.
Improved: In App and online documentation revised & updated for current version.
Resolved: MC improperly progressed when using Solar Arc Longitude on an Equal House chart.
Resolved: Improper display of some TimeZones.

7.4 Released Sept 25, 2012

New: Send Charts to Twitter, Facebook, Camera Roll, via Email.
Improved: Support for iPhone 5 and iOS6.
Resolved: Crash on iOS 6 when using Go To Date on Ephemeris.
Resolved: Disappearing draw chart button on iOS 6.

7.3 Released Sept 10, 2012

New: Table of Moon Phases with Solar and Lunar Eclipses added to Ephemeris views.
Improved: Email support button.
Improved: German language support.
Resolved: Crashes when trying to draw Chart on iOS 4.x.
Resolved: Charts sometimes can't be un-checked.

7.2 Released Jul 3, 2012

Resolved: One aspect not displayed on Bi-wheel.
Resolved: Zero out seconds added by DatePicker to Natal charts which altered Sun, Moon & Asc.

7.1 Released Jun 18, 2012

Resolved: Issue with Progressed Chart default settings.

7.0 Released May 31, 2012

New: Added Progressed charts. Added goto "Now" button to Ephemeris & Calendars.
Improved: Many little cosmetic things.

6.8 Released Apr 13, 2012

New: Custom Ayanamsa. Two Finger Swipe paging in Ephemeris & Calendars.

6.7 Released Mar 28, 2012

New: Added text report of all aspects to the Aspect Grid.
Resolved: TimeZone Lookup button.

6.6 Released Mar 17, 2012

New: Aspect Grid.
Resolved: Lat/Lng manual entry between 0 & 1 degree.

6.5 Released Jan 15, 2012

New: Chart location name (can be set by map lookup).
Improved: Nicer looking chart wheels.

6.4 Released Dec 7, 2011

New: Added options to turn on/off individual planets. Added Earth, IC & South Node points.

6.3 Released Nov 27, 2011

New: Added option to select planets and data shown on Ephemeris, Calendars and Charts.

6.2 Released Oct 29, 2011

New: Added capability to Email a chart.
Improved:Fixed some cosmetic issues.

6.1 Released Oct 20, 2011

Resolved: Fixed memory leaks created by 6.0

6.0 Released Oct 21, 2011